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Texas Bullet Train (wt)

When the Texas Bullet Train Project is completed, projected in 2023, it will be with significant national, as well as worldwide, fanfare marking the historic achievement of being the first high speed bullet train to operate in the US.

Bullet Train 1.jpg

​The only market-led infrastructure project of its kind in the US, the Texas Bullet Train is being built without federal grants, meaning it will be a tax-payer not a tax-taker, paying taxes to all the local municipalities it touches. 

                                                   In the film, “behind-the-scenes” stories unfold from several                                                      key perspectives – the extreme engineering involved in                                                            what will be the largest high speed train undertaking of like                                                    engineering projects in US history;  the technology and                                                            engineering needed as the project is constructed and                                                                readied to receive the first passengers; competing                                                                      arguments relative to local issues; what are the economic                                                        impacts on the state, and implications for other regions and                                                    the country; and the engineering needed to keep pace with                                                    transportation demands for the future.

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