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A revealing documentary exploring four months, eight countries, and one goal - Get to the World Cup!

Follow four American filmmakers on a journey from US to Brazil as they search for stories that define Latin America’s obsession with the beautiful game, and inspire a new perspective on the sport in the United States.


Feel the heartbeat of the World's Game in AMERICAN FÚTBOL, and experience soccer stories that are worth listening to. Stories that intersect life, politics, and football. Stories that matter.

AMERICAN FÚTBOL take syou from the US-Mexico border, to the mountains of Ecuador, blind football in Bogotá, barras bravas in Argentina, and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, as this adventure explores the people and places where fútbol means the most.



The Magic Of Words

Anaya was the first Hispanic American writer to achieve major publishing success with his landmark novel, Bless Me, Ultima, in print since 1972. 

Rudolfo Anaya has become a beloved part of the cultural landscape.  Still writing today, his eloquence, wisdom and charisma are unmistakable, and make him a beguiling subject for this documentary film.

Distribution arranged through NETA to PBS stations nationwide  - September 2015


DeBakey is an inspiring documentary about the life of famed heart surgeon Michael E. DeBakey.

DeBakey literally takes you right into the operating room with Dr. DeBakey as he gives insight into his childhood, his work ethics, and the shaping of a career that is legendary.

Distribution arranged through NETA to PBS stations nationwide  - January 2016

Broke, Busted, & Disgusted

A film about the high cost of higher education and the student loan debt

Distribution arranged with CNBC 

May 2017

Gridshock is a investigative documentary exposing the hidden and disturbing reality behind the sex trafficking demand.


Vanessa McNeal, a filmmaker and survivor of sexual violence sets out to explore the often overlooked reality about why the sex trafficking industry thrives. The truth is that sex trafficking wouldn’t exist without the unquenchable thirst and demand for it. On the quest to learn more, Vanessa discovers who the johns/buyers are and why there is a culture of impunity that hides and protects them. In this riveting and truly disturbing documentary what you think you know about sex trafficking will be challenged. What is hidden will come to light, even in a midwestern state like Iowa. The film features survivors of sex trafficking, local and federal law enforcement, advocates, politicians, and a recovering sex addict.