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Germany at 30 (wt)

On November 9, 1989, one of the most spectacular events in modern history unfolded in Berlin: the wall that had divided the city since 1961 suddenly and unexpectedly came crashing down. A new Germany – and a new Europe – were born overnight. 

​Germany at 30 will retrace the dramatic events surrounding the fall of the wall and the dizzying pace of re-unification that unfolded the following year.  The film will visit ordinary German citizens to find out how their lives have played out in the new Germany.​

Germany at 30 will draw on commentary from historians and other experts to explore the role and responsibilities of Germany as the most populous and most prosperous nation in the European Union, and the most important European ally of the United States.

The film will also examine challenges that the new

Germany is suddenly facing at the end of its third decade: 

-   an unanticipated flood of refugees and migrants 
-   a Euro-zone riddled with economic stresses 
-   a rising tide of nationalist and populist sentiment 
-   an expansionist Russia, and 
-   a new president of the United States who promises to re-define the 60-year-old

    relationship between Europe and the U.S., perhaps changing the world order as we

    know it.

This film will interweave great takeout stories to tell the evolution of modern Germany since that tumultuous night.

Spy Hotel

Spy Hotel

                                                                               When setting foot into some of the most

                                                                               famous hotels in the world, it is often

                                                                               unknown that in times past spies,

                                                                               undercover agents and espionage filled

                                                                               the halls, rooms and lounge bars of

                                                                               these historical buildings, echoing the

                                                                               intrigue and mystery.

*St. Ermins Hotel London
​*Athenee Palace Hotel Bucharest
*The Park Hotel Istanbul
*Hotel Ritz Paris
*The Mayflower Washington DC
*Hotel Palacio Istoril/Lisbon
*Hotel Viru Estonia
*Knickerbocker Hotel New York
​*Royal Highland Hotel Inverness

These stories and more unfold from a time when world wars, and the cold war, spawned remarkable intelligence activities that populated the grand hotels of the world, all of which exist today.

Spy Hotel will take you into these hotels, answering the questions of who, what, when, and how espionage unfolded in each location as we interview those who are knowledgeable about the spy networks, double agents, and ongoing activities that prevailed, intermixed with archive footage, photos and re-enactments of these gripping stories.

Who was spying on who? What governments were involved? How did the spy networks operate? What role did each hotel play during these tumultuous times? All of this and more in Spy Hotel !

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